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When it comes to coffee, people’s preferences for taste and atmosphere can vary greatly. Some folks just want their regular cup of “no frills” coffee sans the fuss. Others are looking for the same experience every time and find that comforting consistency in a favorite franchise.

Still others are interested in supporting independent or family owned shops, little “hole-in-the-wall” places where they might not have the best joe, but the community is like a second home. And then there are those who consider themselves the connoisseurs of coffee, interested in micro-lot beans sustainably sourced from all over the globe, brewed with almost scientific precision.

Whatever the case may be for you, we believe there are some “must-see” coffee shops in L.A. that you should definitely look into the next time you get a chance.

The Best of the Best

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According to Food & Wine’s 2019 list of best coffees, Los Angeles has spent the last decade upgrading their coffee scene from the status quo. You can find beautiful coffee shops all over the city. While the locals may have a chance to peruse the various coffee shops at their leisure, which must-see spots should a visitor prioritize while in L.A.?

One of the number one spots to visit is a shop off Sunset Boulevard called Dayglow. This shop boasts “an extensive selection of specialty-grade coffee from the world’s most celebrated and underrated roasters.” This tightly curated menu is not just hype. Sprudge, a leading publication in coffee news and culture, promises it’s worth the stop, voting it Best New Cafe in 2018.

Go Get ‘Em Tiger (GGET) is a rising empire in the Los Angeles area, boasting six different local spots for you to try and enjoy from The Music Center to Los Feliz. “We take pride in our LA roots—we love it here. We express our affection by brewing it delicious coffee.” Each location sports a unique look & feel, allowing you a multi-faceted experience with the same quality every time.

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And finally, there’s Civil Coffee, whose humble origins began as a mobile coffee cart. Their brick and mortar store, which opened in 2015, has been touted as one of Highland Park’s best. Alongside a rotating menu of various roasters, Civil also features some delicious coffee bar fare ranging from pastries to light dishes. “It’s a good day to be civil.”

The Honorable Mentions

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Los Angeles’ coffee scene is now vast and dense; we couldn’t possibly feature all of the coffee shops worth visiting, though we do hope you’re able to check out the three businesses mentioned above. Still, it’s worth listing a few honorable mentions for you to check out as well:

Copa Vida, Dinosaur Coffee, Endorffeine, Cognoscenti Coffee Bar, and Shuhari Matcha Café.