We all know that LA is one of the fashion capitals of the world. The stars, the celebrities, the scene: it all means that the very best, loudest and latest in fashion is on display on the hot bodies of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. This is true both on the streets and on the runways. Let’s take a look around what we’re seeing this spring in Los Angeles.

Photo: Instagram/ lionneclothing

Sparkles, Sequins, and Glam

Shiny seems to be in this spring in a variety of locations, including in Jonathan Hartig’s Libertine collection, an up-and-coming local LA label. Hartig is showing a lot of sequins and beadwork on elaborate and highly decorated gowns, kimonos and pantsuits. Many of these looks will work for you if you are planning to hit your favorite goth club later in the evening.

Stars like Marilyn Manson, Adam Lambert, and Fergie lined up for this collection, which also featured elaborately beaded necklaces and flowing pants. Androgyny rules here, with men’s and women’s wear deliciously mixed.

Photo: Instagram/ ezekstudio

Real Los Angelenos also know that Rezek Studio’s disco threads and boogie clothes in silks and feathers and lames are also a great way to channel this glamorous look. If you are wanting to get in on this particular style, check out their foxy tops or dresses.

The shiny and glamorous look is perhaps a natural way to channel LA and is one choice for moving through spring and summer into fall if you are looking to turn up the volume on your fashion and style this year.

Denim and Cotton

Maybe the shine and Adam-Lambert-style bling isn’t your thing; consider rediscovering denim.

The beauty of denim is its versatility: we all agree that denim goes with nearly everything and is easy to dress up or down, depending on your choice of top or shoes.

When it comes to tops, some LA fashion influencers (like Kendall Jenner) are calling for a return to denim this spring, pairing them with throwback t-shirts like racerback tanks and other ’90s icons. Samuel Ku is also getting in on the act, starting a high-end luxury denim line.

Photo: Instagram/ jandgrey

You know what? Even better: go get some Eve Denim. If you’re a real Los Angeles girl (or guy), you know that Eve Denim is a brand that LA fashion folks know that New Yorkers and others don’t. Eve Denim will give you the perfect vintage look.

Consider a simple, ribbed, white racerback tank top with blue jeans and thin strapped sandals in nude color for a look that goes all day into the night. You can shop for new simple cotton tees at Cherry, the favorite new shop of celebs like Kaia Gerber and Haley Baldwin, and wear those with your new denim.

Photo: Instagram/ cherrylosangeles

Or, alternatively, dig out a vintage cotton band t-shirt to wear with that denim and take it up a notch with some jewelry (but don’t forget those sandals; very thin strapped “floss” sandals are everywhere this year).


Yes, tie-dye is back. You may love it, you may not, but it’s everywhere this spring in LA, according to Who What Wear. Demi Lovato was just seen rocking the full-on, long-sleeved version of the trend coming out of rehearsals, and Cherry Los Angeles is anchoring their whole spring collection around a hoodie featuring a tie-dye hood, a collection launched with Tokyo’s United Arrows and Sons.

The good news is you can take tie-dye up or down, go full-on neon or more subtle, and it works well with the denim movement that we outlined above.

Photo: Instagram/ cherrylosangeles

As with the Cherry Los Angeles/United Arrows and Sons Collection, one approach to the tie-dye trend is to use the pops of color as elements of contrast, elevating simple pieces and creating artistic flair in simple outfits.

Whatever you do, own it. Work the sidewalk like your runway.

Rock the tie-dye or the sequins with equal flair and wear the ripped denim like a queen.

Nothing says Los Angeles like originality and style, and your style is going to be mostly about your personality and yourself. You’ll feel best and look most like your original self in the clothes and fashions that make you feel like a star!