Kids need more than just an iPad, TV and cell phone to be entertained, and it’s nice to get them out of the house every now and then. But in a city of four million people and numerous attractions, it can be hard to figure out where to go. And it’s why we’ve taken the liberty of creating an article that lists the top five kid-friendly attractions in the city. Children can learn, literally reach new heights and tire themselves out so you won’t have much work to do when you get home. These are the places in LA your kids need to see.

1. The Santa Monica Pier


How fun does a seaside amusement park sound? For kids, it sounds like heaven. There’s everything from an aquarium to a Ferris wheel and a roller coaster to a ton of arcade games. If that doesn’t get your kid’s heart racing, then the junk food definitely will.

2. La Brea Tar Pits

The La Brea Tar Pits are a group of tar pits that formed in Hancock Park, Los Angeles. Rumor has it that natural asphalt seeped through the ground of this area for tens of thousands of years, preserving the bones of trapped animals with time. There’s also a museum nearby that kids can explore.

3. Griffith Park

Griffith Park is a blank canvas that’s perfect for a variety of outdoor activities. There are over 4,000 acres of park area to explore, and it’s not uncommon to see people riding horses (real and on the merry-go-round), biking, playing sports on the fields and just about anything their hearts desire.

4. California Science Center


The California Science Center is a fun place where kids can learn a ton by wandering around the different exhibits the place has to offer. There have been exhibits that show the Earth’s different ecosystems, ones that allow you to explore actual spacecrafts and ones that explore some of mankind’s greatest inventions. And going there year-round won’t get boring, as the exhibits change all the time.

5. El Capitan Theatre

If you could imagine Disney World and Old Hollywood having a baby, this place would be that child. Children and adults alike can watch the latest and oldest Disney movies, and there’s entertainment that goes on before the show actually begins.