What happens when you take two cities that have both been dubbed the “center of the universe”, and stack them side by side? Well, New Yorkers will scoff, and Angelenos will roll their eyes, that much is for sure. Tri-state residents will tell you that New York is a “real city”, while LA’s beach-going crowd will tell them to keep their skyscrapers and endless amounts of concrete, if that’s what a “real city” entails. So is NY really better than LA? You’re asking a staff writer from a site called Serious LA to really answer that? Come on, you ought to know better. Here are nine reasons why New Yorkers love to hate on LA, even though they’re fully aware that LA does it (all) better.

#1- Weather

There’s no black, dirty slush in LA. Nearly 300 sunny days a year, winter temps in the 70s, and less dreary (and wet) days. Los Angeles simply has far better weather than New York. If you like sinking your shoes into a two inch deep puddle of cold dirty water, then hit the Big Apple. If you want to be comfortable without wearing six layers, LA is the place to be- anytime of year.

#2- Food

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New York definitely has its marquee restaurants, but do you really think you can compare the freshness of the food in the Concrete Jungle with that of the place that’s known to feed the rest of the country? In addition to this obvious point, Food in LA is more affordable in general, and has more truly local options. LA is the most diverse city anywhere in the country (sorry, NY), so there are always obscure dishes you have never heard of. LA sushi in particular is said to be some of the best outside of Japan.

#3- Affordability

Los Angeles is not cheap by any means. New York is also expensive, but you get even less. Rent is high and space is short in both places, but LA tends to have a bit more room and a few less roommates. Rent prices in NYC are overall a whopping 40% higher than in LA, with general costs and groceries not far behind (34% for both). The same one bedroom in NYC can cost over a grand more per month. Ouch.

#4- Errands

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Running errands is never fun, but living in LA doesn’t require you to lug bags by hand via subway and then up six flights of stairs. Owning a car in NYC is rare and not necessary, and driving to stores is usually just impractical. LA means you can drive to a store, park, and not deal with anything that makes getting around in NYC so bad.

#5- Travel outside of the city

New York has a lot to do in and around the city, but how do you get there? The subway system is an easy way within the city, but when you don’t have a car (since you don’t usually need or want one), getting anywhere else can be a real hassle. Upstate New York has some beautiful spots, but you can’t just walk there. Los Angeles has tons of day tripping options that you can probably get to with the car that, you know, actually exists. Flights in NY are subject to weather, but LA flying is usually way simpler.

#6- Outdoors

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There are green spaces in both cities… if you count engineered lawns. You can go days, weeks, or even months without seeing greenery in New York City. Central park, Madison Square park, and several others are nice to hit up when you can. But in LA you’ve got an endless supply of canyons, parks, beaches, and even pools that aren’t part of expensive hotels. Los Angeles is just a good city for those who enjoy the outdoors, but also clamor for urban living. Again, Upstate NY is great… but how are you going to get there so easily without a car?

#7- Heating and cooling

LA sees some hot days, but nothing like the heat waves of NYC. There’s also way less fluctuation with Los Angeles temperatures. Expensive central air or ugly window units, old radiators or way too hot heating you can’t control, or nothing at all and no way to fix it- NYC doesn’t have many positives when it comes to climate control. You can get away with not having heat or AC in LA.

#8- Personal space

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LA isn’t a barren wasteland, but it’s nowhere near as packed and stacked as NYC. LA has space to have personal space. Driving in your own car, walking at night, not being stuck on crowded subways, or sharing picnic spots with a thousand others gives LA the win when it comes to being close to everything without being close to everything.

#9- Healthy lifestyles

New York has tons of pricy yoga studios, but there’s less of an emphasis on healthy living that isn’t part of some new trend. LA accommodates different lifestyles better than NYC. Having less stress in general also helps with health- how many times have you almost been run over by a cab on a crosswalk with right of way after being pushed around by ten thousand tourists on your way to work in LA? Not once, that’s right. NYC definitely means more walking, which can be healthy… but not if you get hit by a cab, or even inhale massive amounts of taxi-cab exhaust fumes.

So yeah, LA gets some heavy hate from New Yorkers. As you can see though, it’s from a place of jealousy, not one of honesty. Don’t worry though New Yorkers, we know you’ll eventually want to join us, once you figure out you can’t beat us. And when you do, we’ll take you in with open arms- we’re a friendly bunch over here.