Are you looking for just the right place to have a sunset photo shoot in LA? You’re not alone. Los Angeles is world famous for having the best sunsets. In fact, Mashable, in 2016, named LA the city with the most Instagrammable sunsets in the world!

Photo: Instagram/ @los_angeles_online

Los Angeles and the miles of picturesque coastline around it are full of perfect, gorgeous, photogenic spots to have a photoshoot, snap a selfie or set up a perfect spot to propose, or just sit back and watch the sun go down.

Whether you are a local looking for a new place to catch the fiery orb dipping below the horizon or a visitor searching for the best places to watch the famously neon show at dusk, we’ve put together a list of some of the best places to watch the sun go down in and around LA. Read on for a list of some go-to spots, recommended by locals and professional photographers alike.

1. Ascot Hills Park

Photo: Instagram/ @eastsideabodesla_agent

You can find Ascot Hills just east of Downtown LA. It’s a hidden gem that you get to off Gateside Drive. Once you park, you’ll need to hike to find the best sunset-watching spot atop a ridge less than half a mile inside the park. Find the trailhead at the parking lot off Multnohmah and Gateside and walk north. After 0.1 miles, take a right at the fork and take the trail 0.2 miles to the top of the ridge where the trail makes a T. Take a right and follow the path until you reach the top of the hill. You’ll be rewarded with an amazing view of the sunset with the Downtown skyline to your left and the park’s tall, grass-covered hills rolling in front of you.

2. El Matador State Beach

Photo: Instagram/ @billboehm

Looking for the perfect beach sunset? We choose El Matador. The beach is found between Leo Carillo State Beach and Point Dume State Beach in Malibu and is popular with lovers, strollers and all levels of photographers. The beach features unique rock formations and caves that add extra interest in the foreground as you watch the sunset over the bluffs and the often candy-colored Malibu clouds. You’ll have to pay to park in the lot above the bluffs, but it will be worth it!

3. Griffith Observatory

Photo: Instagram/ @artbyartla

History, culture, star gazing, and savory sunsets; Griffith observatory has it all. The landmark site, built in 1935, offers gorgeous unobstructed views of Downtown LA, the Pacific Ocean, and the world-famous Hollywood Sign in addition to, of course, perfect sunsets. The grounds around the observatory in Griffith Park offer a wide range of great, public vantage points from which to catch the setting sun, as is only appropriate for our closest star.

4. Hermosa Beach Pier

Photo: Instagram/ @visitmanhattanbeach

If you’d like your sunset over the ocean but you’re looking for something a little different than sand and rocks, consider the Hermosa Beach Pier. The area is well developed with plenty of parking in a nearby garage and a plethora of local restaurants and bars nearby to enjoy before and after you enjoy the sunset. You’ll get the best of the beach: the view of the sand, the horizon and the sea, with the comfort of the pier and the parking.

5. The High Rooftop Lounge at Hotel Erwin

Photo: Instagram/ @jessicaengelberg

Want a cocktail and a high-end sunset experience? Consider Venice Beach and the breathtaking sunsets from the panoramic view at the High Rooftop Lounge at the Hotel Erwin. The High Rooftop Lounge is an open-air delight, with intimate, cozy couches (with blankets for those cool nights!), a DJ to set the mood, and waiters to bring you your favorite beverage as you watch the sun slip behind the waves. It’s a classy, laid-back location that’s a great place to kick back and watch the sunset.

You can’t go wrong with any of these choices for watching the sun set in LA. Whether you want to take a photo or just hold hands with your sweetheart and take in the moment, choose the place that will be right for you and go and try it. Even better? Try them all and see which one you like best! You could make it your own personal sunset tour of LA!