Photo: Creative Commons/Crystal Calderon

Sure, there are classic hotel spots in L.A. you could book while visiting the City of Angels, like The Ace and Chateau Marmont. But if you’re looking for a unique, memorable place to stay while in L.A., then AirBnB has plenty of interesting options to choose from.

Vintage Trailer in an Artist Loft


One of the options on the more eclectic side is this 195os vintage trailer tucked into an active artist loft. Located in the heart of the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles, this unique and affordable “home within a home” is a fun option for your stay.

The 16ft vintage trailer functions as your private bedroom in a 6,000 square foot loft. It’s been retrofitted with a king-sized bed, but the rest of the original details remain untouched, giving you a classic and nostalgic experience.

In addition to the trailer, you will be able to enjoy the shared spaces within the loft, such as the kitchen, bathroom, multiple shared living areas, and even a garden in the back. There’s also a pool table and indoor swing to enjoy!


Hollywood High Living


Looking for more of the over-the-top celebrity mansion experience? This Party Rock Hollywood Mansion might be just the space for you. Located just 10 minutes from Sunset Boulevard and outfitted with neon signs, a zebra print piano, 2 in 1 spa, a famous fish tank, and full bar with stunning skyline views, this spot is equipped to make all your “let’s pretend we’re famous” L.A. daydreams feel like a reality.

This spacious abode has all the amenities and can accommodate you and up to 12 other guests. It features a jacuzzi and heated pool, air hockey, ping pong, a sound-proof theater bedroom, and even a secret den. What more could you want?


Pirates of the Caribbean Getaway


And finally, this incredible little cottage situated in western Los Angeles in Topanga Canyon is completely decked out. Seriously, the hosts went all out with the theme on this one. Check it out.

From entrance to exit, this entire space is a mind-boggling sensory experience. From the statutes and tikis along the wooden boardwalk leading to the private guesthouse, to the outdoor jacuzzi surrounded by greenery and decorated with fossils and crystals, no expense has been spared to make every nook and cranny of this place take you away to another world. There are hammocks, a day bed, and an outdoor tub off the private lawn. If you’re looking for a memorable stop, this one takes the cake. There’s even a nightly light show.

There a many more places you could stay while in L.A. in addition to these spaces; there’s also The Totem Terrace, an artfully converted vaudeville theater, and this rooftop trailer. From Hollywood Hills mansions, to Malibu beach front properties and designer tiny homes, there’s all kinds of interesting places to stay while in L.A.