If you live in Los Angeles, you know that Angelenos are always on the cutting edge of any new trend or idea in the area of health and wellness. There is a reason, after all, that LA is the land of beautiful, tanned and healthy people.

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Clean living, clean eating, pilates, and organic food: all of these are old ideas in LA. Los Angeles has always been a crossroads of cultures where new ideas and pathways cross. If you mix these with the booming tech and innovative culture of the area, you have the perfect environment for booming entrepreneurial health and wellness innovation.

So what are the newest and hottest ideas in the Los Angeles area in 2019? We’ve got a list of some of what Angelenos are into right now.

1. Drybars of Acupuncture

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You may be familiar with the salon concept of a drybar: a luxurious place where you can get your hair blow-dried, styled and finished, all in a lush experience. In LA, this concept is being applied to acupuncture. The idea is to take the practice of acupuncture and make it an “affordably luxurious” experience, less like going to a doctor’s appointment and more like going to a spa. Drybar acupuncture will have chic vanity areas and designer furniture. Drybar acupuncture spas also often offer services like Botox and lip plumping as well.

2. Productive Fertility Spas

Fertility care is booming, and storefront locations that cater to couples, men, and women seeking to conceive are appearing. These spas offer ovulation tracking, sperm testing, benefits solutions, and other services. Some are run by doctors, while others are founded and run by women who struggled with fertility issues themselves.

3.  Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

Photo: Instagram/spoonsarefortea

Beyond small businesses and spas, another big trend in health and wellness that is on the rise in Los Angeles is the development of plant-based alternatives to meat. Following the fortunes of Redwood City-based Impossible Foods (inventors of the Impossible Burger), other labs are springing up looking to create other meat alternatives to everything from ballpark franks to ribeye steaks.

4. Sleep Research

Sleep is an elusive goal for many of us. As all Angelenos know, especially with the fast pace, the crazy traffic and the fight for everything from parking spaces to peace and quiet, finding sleep can be hard work. Some even call the lack of sleep among adults in the U.S. and those in LA an epidemic. This is why 2019 is seeing more and more in LA seeking better solutions to a good night’s sleep and more and more services being offered to help us sleep. Sleep and insomnia therapists, who specialize in helping you find inner peace and a way to a good night’s sleep, and stores that sell high-tech gadgets to create the perfect sleep environment are just two of the kinds of businesses that are making the most of this trend.

5. Home Fitness

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Fitness and exercise are as popular as ever in Los Angeles, but what is happening in 2019 is what some are calling a “Home Fitness Revolution.” Credited sometimes to the popularity of Peloton, the super-popular but expensive cycling equipment and subscription service that customers can use from home, many are leaving the gym. Joining the home cycle market are smart rowing machines, weight lifting systems, boxing gloves and even jump ropes that allow people to exercise at home with the value of being with a personal trainer at the gym. In LA, customers are using all of these services as well as Peloton’s new yoga and treadmill products.

6. Fighting Back Against False Claims

We’d be remiss if we didn’t at least mention one significant trend in Los Angeles and California more generally: fighting back against the sometimes fantastical claims of celebrity-endorsed beauty and “lifestyle” products. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop brand is perhaps the most famous example of this. Her brand recently settled a multi-million-dollar lawsuit that claimed her products touted benefits that had no reliable scientific evidence. Goop isn’t alone, however. Similar celebrity-endorsed products from Dr. Mehmet Oz and others have faced similar scrutiny and lawsuits.

Photo: Instagram/goop

We will have to see what the future brings, but these new trends show how the health and wellness business and the environment is vibrant and always changing in Los Angeles.