Ice cream and gelato are two of the most popular frozen desserts in the world. And it’s for good reason. They taste amazing, come in a variety of flavors and cool you down in the hot weather. But finding the right place to get your favorite creamy or fruity treat can be quite tricky. Never fear, however, because in this article, you’ll learn the top 7 places (in no particular order) to get these eats in Los Angeles. If that’s something you’d like to know, keep reading.


Uber Eats- Coolhaus

Not only does the name sound cool, but the concept behind it is pretty awesome too. The owners of the store were inspired by architecture (cool houses) and used that theme to create some of the yummiest and tastiest ice cream sandwiches in the city.

Sweet Rose Creamery

Sweet Rose Creamery is a farm-to-table company known for their seasonal creations. While favorites like mint are always on the menu, ice cream lovers like you can look forward to others like buttermilk blackberry swirl and peach crumble too.

Smitten Ice Cream

Watching desserts being made with liquid nitrogen is such a treat, and Smitten Ice Cream does just that. In 90 seconds, you can have a scoop of some of the smoothest ice cream on the block, which was perfected with the use of liquid nitrogen.

Supercool Creamery

Hoodline- Supercool Creamery

This particular store provides entertainment like no other; circus performers are often hired to provide an interactive experience with guests as they’re preparing your treats. Add in their rotating menu and you’ve got yourself an entire show right in an ice cream shop.

Halo Top

Changing the ice cream game as we know it is Halo Top. They’ve tweaked their ingredients to give you ice creams that are packed with protein but low on sugar. They’ve become so successful that some of their flavors (red velvet, cookie dough and chocolate) can be found in some grocery stores.

McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams

This ice cream shop is special because it uses dairy produced by the company to create their ice cream. Not to mention you’ll get one of a kind flavors here that include marionberries and Eureka lemon.


Honeymee is a Korean-owned ice cream chain that combines two of the world’s favorite things: honey and soft-serve. You can find anything from French sea salt to cornflakes and a Ghirardelli chocolate to a matcha drizzle on your ice cream. Let’s not forget the honeycomb chip!