As the online gig economy (see: digital nomad lifestyle) grows, and work opportunities continue to become digital and long-distance, more people are ditching their cramped office space for coffee shops, bakeries and other small lounges. says, “A study by CTrip of 500 volunteers found that individuals who worked from home were 13.5 percent more efficient and 9 percent more engaged than their peers working in the office. They also took shorter breaks and sick days and took less time off, and attrition rates were 50 percent better. Job satisfaction was higher overall, too.”

So whether you’re the creative type working on that long-form article, or you need a change of scenery while preparing your next business proposal – consider heading to a local coffee shop the next time you and your laptop are out and about.

Bar Nine / 3515 Helms Ave, LA


A quiet, laid-back space with good lighting and a comfortable vibe. But they’re more than just a quiet table, wi-fi, and good lighting- they also offer a home coffee subscription, seasonal blends, and even a class to teach you how to become an expert coffee maker. Whether or not you make Bar Nine your go-to coffee serving workplace, you’d be remiss not to check it out.

Coffee Commissary / (Culver City Location) 3417 Motor Ave, LA


With plenty of electrical outlets, comfortable seating, and wi-fi, there are plenty of reasons to love Coffee Commissary. The vibe is laid-back and upbeat- a great environment to get some work done. But beware- the Fairfax location can be a JUNGLE- so opt for the Culver City location if you want a seat and your own outlet. The food, and coffee, are delightful, and inexpensive.

Bourgeois Pig

No Website / 5931 Franklin Ave, LA


Unique decor, scattered tables, and a hipster vibe are all good reasons to visit Bourgeois Pig. It’s the perfect workspace for creatives. Why? Because in the back of the building is an entrance to a room that’s smack-dab in the middle of a tree trunk. Decorated like some fantasy hobbit land, this room is a fun experience and a great reason to check out Bourgeois Pig the next time you’re hunting for a place to work.

Bricks and Scones

No Website / 403 N Larchmont Blvd, LA


Fancy working in comfort, surrounded by comfy furniture? Or maybe you’d rather lounge in the sun while you work? Either way, Bricks and Scones has got you covered. This two-story building is beautiful and homey, inside and out. There are plenty of electrical outlets, free wi-fi, and a delish assortment of food and drinks. A better coffee shop to work in may not exist.

The Semi-Tropic / 1412 Glendale Blvd, LA


This place is as unique as they come- coffee shop and lounge by day, bar/club at night. From 9 am to 5 pm every day, The Semi-Tropic welcomes laptop-lovers and coffee drinkers, but after 5 pm, the laptops are out. From 5 pm to 2 am, the Semi-Tropic is a full-fledged bar. Either way, they serve alcohol from open to close- making them a great place to work while indulging in a glass of wine or a beer.

Capital One Cafe

No Location-Specific Website / 801 S Grand Ave, LA


Bank, or cafe? Here, it’s up to you. Whether you’re stopping by to service your Capital One account, or you need a cup of coffee and a place to get some work done, the Capital One Cafe has you covered. There’s even 50% discount when you use a Capital One credit or debit card. This may be one of the most unique businesses I’ve ever heard of. Stopping in to check out Capital One Cafe has definitely been added to my to-do list.

Document Coffee Bar / 3850 Wilshire Blvd Ste 107, LA


The Document Coffee Bar is a full-service coffee shop, complete with yummy cafe snacks and delicious coffee drinks, as well as an assortment of other drinks and unique specials. It’s a popular workspace and is often filled with people just like you- laptop in hand and looking for a place to work. Free wi-fi and plenty of electrical outlets make this a go-to destination.

Bicycle Coffee / 358 E 2nd St, LA


Lots of space and popular lattes make Bicycle Coffee a go-to for laptop-lugging workaholics. With plenty of seating, great lighting, and many electrical outlets, it’s easy to see yourself getting some work done- and enjoying a latte. Fans of Bicycle Coffee rave about the unpretentious vibe- a huge compliment for a coffee house in LA. Stuck in the office? Enjoy having your coffee delivered- by bicycle.

This list is far from exhaustive- new coffee shops and cafes pop up all the time, and sometimes those hole-in-the-wall locations that aren’t listed on Google are a diamond in the rough. So for now, give these locations a shot- but be on the lookout for new locally owned places, too- everyone ought to help support their local economy. A good cup of coffee or latte could be just the caffeine-based motivation you need to finish your next project!